Anatomicals Save Your Breath Double Mint Pack


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Anatomicals Save Your Breath Double Mint Pack

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – unless they’re in possession of a very foul mouth smell, in wish case it’s acceptable to keep them at least at arm’s length. And advise them that they stink. Anatomicals Mints, bringing friends and enemies closer than you can imagine!

Anatomicals Save your Breath Double Mint Pack
Anatomicals Save your Breath Double Mint Pack


Anatomicals Save Your Breath Double Mint Pack

Includes a box of peppermints and a box of spearmint’s encapsulated in a nifty zip up transparent bag which can be re-used.

Snog Me Senseless Peppermints – £3 million. £10 million. £20 million. £10 billion. Of course, if you’re going to be kissed, it’s nice to be kissed by the seriously minted. But if they can’t have money, at least they can have looks and a tin of these tiny but powerful sugar free breath fresheners handy. If they have none of these three things, buy a tin for yourself . There’s a lot of ugly billionaires out there just waiting for you to plant one on them.

None of Your Foul Mouth Spearmint’s – ”You naughty motorist, you muddy well just cut me up”. “Have you got myopia referee, I’m sure Johnny foreigner was off side” These mints make one’s breath more palatable, but not, alas, one’s hand gestures. “Hey buddy, you do that in some countries and they’ll execute you”

Cute packaging aside, this is a great little product to chuck in your bag. You are safe to open this roughly without fear of these little mints jumping out of the tin. This is due to a clever second lid concealed within the tin that only allows you to shake out one mint at a time.

The mints themselves are pleasantly minty, without being overpowering.

Snogability after 2 mints – 4out of 5 stars!
The tin gets 5 out of 5

Weight 50 g


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