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Anatomicals – We Only Want You For Your Body

Anatomicals – The company that ‘Only Wants You For Your Body’ which has single-handedly rescued Britain from daily grind and banned boring beauty regimes across the nation.


You’ll be pleased to know in Anatomicals land, rabbits run free, guinea pigs rule and the only testing the mice do is Brain Training (purely for their own entertainment we might add). In fact, one of the mice has a higher IQ than Einstein had. Our ingredients are all free from animal testing – We think fluffy bunnies are cute enough without Anatomicals products or ingredients. It’s just us humans that need a bit of help sometimes! All of our formulas are also paraben free.

Anatomicals – We only want you for your body


Anatomicals Company Overview

Welcome to the anatomicals online  store. whatever got you here: a friend’s recommendation, our skilful marketing, boredom or bad typing, we’re glad you found us. Just one small question though. do you believe the 3 essentials in life are sex, going out and generally living your all too short life to the full? if your answer’s a resounding yes, then please read on and continue on this journey of jollity. if, on the other hand, your answer’s no, then please let us bury your old personality in hope that you will soon find a more exciting one and feel able to visit us again soon.

Look, you’re probably a very intelligent person. always a grade A student. always top of your class. always first with the answers. god! how we hated you. for all we know, you can currently speak ten languages fluently, including Tibetan (handy) and you can name the leaders of every country in the world, their deputies and even their Finance Ministers. but frankly, we don’t care. we don’t give a jot whether your IQ is 15 or 150, because we only want you for your body. not that we wish to buy your bodily parts. Truth is, we’d rather purchase a clapped out Ford.

At anatomicals we manufacture the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to live without us.


Anatomicals Duck
Anatomicals Duck


Anatomicals Mission & Philosophy

“Know thyself” – inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. the Greeks gave us the 3 basic categories of philosophy. the first of which is Metaphysics, which asks questions such as ‘ what is the world made of?’ and ‘what is the ultimate substance of all reality?’ the second aspect of philosophy is Epistemology, which is the philosophy of knowledge. how do we know what is true or false? what is real or not? can we know anything for certain or is it all ultimately hopeless?

The third aspect of philosophy is Ethics, the understanding of good and bad, right and wrong. it is often called morality and most consider the two words synonymous.

So there you have it dear friends, Philosophy in a nutshell. Oh, you thought we were going to spout off about the company philosophy, like other boring organisations? Now, why on earth would we want to do that?



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