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Hey guys!

So, this is my second Anatomicals review (you can view the first one here) and I can safely say that I’m1 Zap! loving their products immensely! In this blog post, I am going to rave about the product called Zap! Zap Gets that Chap: Day and Night Spot Stick.



Anatomicals spot stick

Before I tell you how greatly this product has transformed my life, I have to warn you that it is definitely not a miracle worker. What I’m trying to say is, that this will not work on pre-existing spots that you might have on your body. Believe me, I tried it and it did not work. From what you’ve just heard, this will seem like a bad review but I can assure you, it is not. Here comes the good part! I was determined that this product is doing nothing special until a week ago!

BAM! It works on newly emerging spots! As I said, I was convinced that this product was futile but I decided to test it out for a few more days before tossing it away and I’m so glad that I did as I woke up one morning with an out-of-the-blue spot right in the middle of my forehead which was looking hideous. I applied this cream straight away and VOILA, the next day it was barely visible, until it completely faded away. That is when I figured out exactly how and on which type of spots you have to use this product.



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