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Anatomicals is one of those rare brands that are cheap, cheerful and quite innovative too.  It looks more expensive then it is and is a nice stocking filler kind of brand.

Aloe Aloe Aloe (cute name right?) has a dual use tube of hand cream and lip balm in one.  And it contains aloe! Naturally!

aloe aloe aloe
Hand and Lips Duo



Although this is unisex, this is very appealing to any man. Let’s look at the domed lip balm first. It’s a clear, scentless one and very handy:


You will really like the design! The tube is small enough to be carried around and the quick use access to the lip balm is clever.

It’s not the best lip balm you will have ever used, but it does have a softness to it and gives quite good hydration – it doesn’t feel like a cheap oily lip balm that fades quickly, it’s pretty decent.

The hand cream, is thick and rich in texture and absorbs immediately into the skin! It smells so nice and very healthy too (aloe)


Because of the tube size, you won’t get that much product – depends how heavily you use hand cream. You will very likely get through the hand cream before you finish the lip balm – I guess you could remove the balm and use it separately.



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