Top Tips To Get More Energy

[h1a] Top Tips To Get More Energy [/h1a]

If you’re tired all the time, a change in what you eat (diet) or what you do all day (activity pattern) may be all you need to turn things around 180°. Here are some Top Tips To Get More Energy during your day.

You won’t be able to do everything on this list all the time — you’d tire yourself out trying to get more energy — but do try them all to see which ones work for you and your schedule. Add a few of these tips to your regular routine. Or mix them up to keep things interesting.

1. Change your socks for refreshment

2. Rock out loud.

3. Get rid of the stuffy nose.

4. Work with your body’s clock.

5. Have a piece of chocolate.

6. Have an afternoon power snack.

7. Hit up the gossip and random banter to help your tired mind.

8. Eat lots of berries, they help to boost energy.

9. Wear brighter colors.

10. Take a power nap.

11. Flirt.

12. Aromatherapy with lavender.

13. Wake up at the same time everyday.

14. Drink lots of water.

15. Use caffeine wisely.

16. Avoid energy drinks.

17. Eat low glycemic (low or complex carb) foods.

18. Eat more soluble fiber.19. Get your Vitamin C.

19. Get your Vitamin C.

20. Sniff some citrus.

21. Cover the B Vitamins.

22. Quit smoking.

23. Play to relax.. It keeps your mind active without the debilitating stress.

24. Eat smaller, more frequent meals.

25. Enjoy a cup of tea.

26. Splash some water on your face.

27. Stand up, stretch and take a couple of deep breaths.

28. Get your world organized.

29. Look on the bright side.

30. Take a mini-vacation.

31. Eat a satisfying breakfast but a light lunch.

32. Choose protein over fat or carbs.

33. Shed a few pounds.

34. Listen to tunes while you work.

35. Start exercising.

36. Eliminate stress.

37. Have more sex.

38. Move gym time to the morning.

39. Purge low-value tasks from your todo list.

40. Avoid the mid-day cocktail.

41. Get a massage.

42. Dress up.

43. Don’t drink yourself to sleep.

44. Get a thyroid test from your doctor.

45. Take a walk outside.

46. Lower your blood pressure.

47. Rotate yogurt into your diet.

48. Have a laugh.

49. Add more cardio to your gym time.

50. Take up yoga.

51. Eat eggs.

52. Get a good night’s sleep.

53. Get more ginseng for more energy boosting properties.

54. Socialize.

55. Get on your toes.

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