Summer Time Kick Back and Beat the Heat

Summer Time Kick Back and Beat the Heat

Wow… summer is back

Ritual... and your Anatomicals’ inspired Ta Ta To Ooh Aah relaxing moments
Summer Time Kick Back and Beat the Heat


Finally, summer is back. Days are now much longer, the fresh evening breeze invites you outdoors, as indeed the more relaxed moods in general. Local feast, barbeques, parties, invitations, the beach and what else? They say that for us Maltese (as indeed most Mediterranean peoples) any occasion is a good one to celebrate; and summer is of course the season par excellence for any sort of celebration!

Of course, its corollary is the summertime habits which one would be better off by avoiding (during summer as indeed all year round). Those daily extra hours of sleep, the sense of laziness and procrastination (yes, lets admit it, Maltese summer heat does not encourage you to do any hard work, except from a refreshing swim), staying up too late, night after night, and too much alcohol during the daily excuse to celebrate!

Of course, summertime is summertime, and your body (mind and soul) needs that sluggish, holidayish, relaxing mood. But while mind and soul may be content with the change in routine, less work and more play, summer is the most taxing time for your body. Increased temperatures, higher sun exposure, more dry environment, sea-salt or chlorine all bruise your body throughout the summer months which imply that your body needs that extra care. Moisturising and skincare products are almost a must for the dry hot summer Maltese months, as indeed extra care for your hair. Of course, we here at Anatomicals offers a full range of such products for your tastes.

another fine stress we’ve gotten you out of


Ohh and by the way, whether you’re traveling or simply you want a small body wash, body lotion, body everyday shampoo, body hair conditioner or simply a small soap which can fit into the smallest of handbags (or pockets) and to take with you wherever you want (from the beach to that boat party), ANATOMICALS HOTEL AND TRAVEL AMENITY KIT is there for you.

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