Stop cracking up Lip Balm Review

Anatomicals – Stop cracking up Lip Balm Review

Posted on by Sarah Jane Vella

Now that it’s getting colder everyday in Malta,  my lips are starting to get dryer even more. This is the time when I start stocking up with lip balms. I’ve been given this cool looking balm by Anatomicals and I am really impressed by the quality, that I’ve been using it everyday ever since.



  • It comes in a 15ml squeezy tube (for which I was worried that it might be too runny, but it isn’t at all) and all you need is a little amount.
  • The packaging is quirky and fun like all their Anatomical products, so colorful.
  • This balm itself makes my lips stop cracking and they leave my lips super soft, I see myself wearing this trough all the seasons.
  • It stays on for a long time. I tested it at work, since I work long hours and rarely find the chance to re-apply. I could still feel this on my lips, even after 4 hours! There was a day that my lips needed some extra help and thus I applied it before going to bed. Long story short, it was still on my lips the next morning. Amazing!
  • Even though it has a bit of a sticky residue, you can wipe it or remove it easily.
  • The scent is very nice I don’t know if it’s strawberry or cherry but something on those lines.
  • It contains, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil and beeswax to condition, soothe and soften.
  • Last but not least is very cheap it only retails for €3.50.



  • The only con which I can think of is that it is a bit on the sticky side. It is not the type of stickiness that would really bother you like certain glosses do because it is more on the creamy side. This is probably why it stays on so long


Will I ever buy it again? Definitely, I think it’s a must have this winter, I carry it in my handbag everyday.

Do I recommend it? Of course, I suggest you buy it and start using it before your lips start cracking up badly, it will be such a relief. So go ahead and help those lips and buy it from their website : I might actually check out some of their other balms :D

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