Anatomicals Hangover Gift Pack


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Do, do, do, undo another do – Anatomicals hangover cure

You’re not just popular. you reek of Popularity. no surprise there because you’ve just launched your own scent called Popularity, the party for which you’re almost too popular to attend. but that’s the trouble with being you. no event is complete without you. missing you off the guest list is rather like failing to invite a bride to her own wedding. in fact, it is worse than that. another bride can always be found at only a moment’s notice (“here you in the front pew, you’ll do”), whereas another you can’t be. of course, all that socializing takes its toll, which is why you need this pack. guaranteed to undo the effects of even the most raucous evening, it could have been created especially for you.’

anatomicals hangover cure
Anatomicals Hangover Gift Pack


Anatomicals Hangover Gift Pack

With a four-day weekend comes four lie-ins, and with four lie-ins comes four inevitably late nights. But don’t fret; Anatomicals, the witty and whimsical beauty brand, has put together a foolproof kit to keep you fresh as a daisy. Aptly named The Partied Too Much Pack, you’ll find Oi You Throbhead, a pocket size Indian head masseur, otherwise referred to as headache relief balm, Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer revitalizing eye mask to banish dark circles, and Snoozers Are Losers – energy patches for an extra bit of oomph. Who knew beauty had such a punny side.

The Anatomicals ‘hangover cure‘ Gift Pack is perfect to aid the recovery of your party animal and will help them make it through that morning after feeling! So don’t worry the, ‘Anatomicals – do, do, do, undo another do – the partied too much pack’ is the perfect gift for all party animals everywhere.

Gift Pack Contains: 1 x PUFFY THE EYE BAG SLAYER – Revitalizing Gel Eye Mask, 1 x OI! YOU THROBHEAD – Headache Relief Balm 20g, 1 x SNOOZERS ARE LOSERS – 6 x energy patches.

Weight 300 g


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