Anatomicals Thirsthand Lotus Flower Handcream 40ml


Anatomicals  Thirsthand Hand Creams : The perfect treatment for hands that are dry due to frequent washing or cold weather.

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Use Anatomicals Thirsthand Moisture Replenishing Lotus Flower Hand Cream so you can show your hands some TLC whenever they need it. The perfect treatment for hands that are dry due to frequent washing or cold weather.

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Why you need it:

This Thirsthand Moisture Replenishing Cream For Thirsty Hands with fresh aromas of Lotus Flower. Firsthand knowledge means never having to take someone else’s word for something. But, you have our word – after using Thirsthand cream, your dry hands won’t ever find themselves thirsting for moisture again. These hand creams are ideal to take with you everywhere, for example on your trips, since they can travel in the cabin. Pop one in your handbag or leave one beside your bathroom sink. Keep them all for yourself or give one to a friend – it’s your call!

How to use:

Apply regularly on clean, dry hands. Massage gently until fully absorbed.



About Us:

Anatomicals – The company that ‘Only Wants You For Your Body’ which has single-handedly rescued Britain from daily grind and banned boring beauty regimes across the nation.  Anatomicals manufactures the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you managed to live without them!  Anatomicals is cruelty-free and does not test its products on animals!  To learn more about Anatomicals, click here !


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