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Anatomicals Manatomicals You’re No One’s Beau Fresh Wash

Fainting couches were big with the ladies of the 19th century. They fell back on them when their suitors got within 12 feet. But it wasn’t just gent’s feet that reeked, it was their whole bodies! Fainting couches are now relics from a bygone age and it’s all thanks to us! Today, you modern, urban 21st century chaps can get clean and fresh and get the girl. Yo yo yo bro, with manatomicals you’re everyone’s beau.

Fresh Hair and Body Wash for Men


Do you think you know what a ‘normal’ man is? In an effort to uncover the real definition of ‘normal’, we came up with manatomicals. specifically engineered for men. A prolonged process of studying and analyzing men, our studies reveal:


Anatomicals Manatomicals You’re No One’s Beau Fresh Wash

  • Thirty-seven-per cent admitted that they have cried within the last month.
  • Most even admit that being ‘normal’ is overrated.
  • Providing additional shockers is how 37% of survey-takers said that they do not enjoy going to strip clubs!
  • A ‘normal’ man owns three to five pairs of jeans (51%)
  • In the grooming department, an unexpected 56per cent of men say that they have used moisturizer in the last month.
  • 78% say they have never used concealer to cover a blemish.
  • 96% say they have never gotten a spray tan.
  • 76% say they have never gotten a manicure.
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