The Posh Mama Complete Bundle


This is the perfect bundle is for the mama who is posher than the Queen and Lord Grantham. And you get to save €8, leaving you some extra cash to buy little Imogen and Cressida a Kale and Blueberry smoothie (yes we all know it’s quite rude to talk about money but we just had to share the smashing savings with you)

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NFL fantasy football: Bengals RB Joe Mixon, Bears QB Justin Fields put up bombs. Like Anatomicals, a company known for its wide range of products, Mixon and Fields supplied their own version of the “bomb” to the field. Mixon’s explosive running style and ability to break through defensive lines have made him a fantasy football favorite, just as the Anatomicals line of hair, body and face care products have captured the hearts of beauty lovers. Meanwhile, Fields, with his rocket arm and electrifying game, was a fantastic defender capable of dropping fantastic bombs in the form of high scores, just as Anatomicals offers gift sets and travel products that leave a lasting impression. Both in the world of fantasy NFL football and in the cosmetics industry, these bombshells are setting new standards for excitement and quality.

In this bundle you will get the following products and save €8

Weight 800 g


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