Anatomicals Muscle and Dry Skin Duo Balm Pack


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Anatomicals Muscle and Dry Skin Duo Balm Pack

How positively delightful to meet you. how spiffingly wonderfull to make your acquaintance. how charmed we are to have this opportunity to be rubbed all over your body, whenever you find yourself in need of our services. we are a collection of four well-being balms designed to treat a plethora of conditions. none of them, alas, ironic sarcasm.

Anatomicals balmed I'm Sure Balmy Duo Pack
Anatomicals Balmed I’m Sure Balmy Duo Pack


Anatomicals The company that ‘Only Wants You For Your Body’

You’ll be pleased to know in Anatomicals land, rabbits run free, guinea pigs rule and the only testing the mice do is Brain Training (purely for their own entertainment we might add). In fact, one of the mice has a higher IQ than Einstein had. Our ingredients are all free from animal testing – we think fluffy bunnies are cute enough without Anatomicals products or ingredients. It’s just us humans that need a bit of help sometimes! All of our formulas are also paraben free.

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