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The Hottie Tottie is never Spotty Skin Care Range by Anatomicals

Hello guys! Finally, here it is!!  I have been promising this review for ages, and well here it is – the Anatomicals ‘The hottie tottie is never spotty’, skin care range!

I had my eyes on this hottie tottie kit, the moment I first visited the Anatomicals website.  I mean, it comes in bright pink packaging, very girly and all that, and of course, the ‘never spotty’ claim, kind of sparked my interest, so to speak.  So a few clicks later, it was mine, to be delivered.  I got my kit the very next day (fabulous service by the Anatomicals team).  I put it to work that very same evening, and I have been using it for a month now, so I can safely review the products for you guys at this stage!


The hottie tottie kit contains a face wash, a super gentle daily face scrub, a shine-free moisturizer and a practical roll on, for those pesky spots which turn up every now and again.  The products have a pleasant, faint raspberry smell, which is nice, and adds that kind of refreshing, natural feeling to the products.

But before we check out the products individually, check out the super cool packaging, as is to be expected from none other but Anatomicals!


Got that right?

So starting off with the hottie tottie face wash, this is a super creamy wash, which feels like a thick lotion on the skin.  It doesn’t lather up into a foam, which I like, and I like using it first thing in the morning, as it really ‘wakes me up’.  It’s refreshing like I said, and does not dry up your skin.  I then proceed to tone and moisturize as you do, before applying my make up.

Speaking of moisturizing; the hottie tottie moisturizer in this kit is fabulous.  It is light and fresh, and is totally ideal as a base for your make up.  It doesn’t make my skin shiny or oily, and my make up stays put throughout the day. Brilliant.  That being said, it hydrates my skin, and leaves my skin pleasantly smooth.  Come evening, I do use my usual moisturizer, as I am obsessed with anti-wrinkle creams and well, I do think I need something ‘richer’  before I go to bed!  I’m 31 now, remember!

And here is the bright hottie tottie pink moisturizer for your viewing pleasure :D



Moving on to the hottie tottie scrub, this is again a super creamy, gentle scrub, which is lightly granuled and perfect for every day use  It is not harsh on the skin, therefore making it safe to use on a daily basis without irritating your skin.  Of course you can use this at your liberty, but I love using this every evening, after I remove my make up, to make sure everything has come off!  It leaves your skin so soft, smooth and supple, I just have to touch my face with my fingertips after I pat my skin dry! Weird, I know, but that’s me…

Last but not least, is this little baby, which is a roll on you apply on any spots you might have.  Again, another refreshing product, which is water based, and instantly skins in your skin, with no medicinal odors what so ever!  Does it work?


So, does the hottie tottie roll on work?  Well, I can’t really tell you that, because ever since I’ve been using this kit as part of my skin care regime, I haven’t had one single spot!  I’m serious!  These products are amazing and my skin is thanking me for it by making break outs a thing of the past.  I have always suffered from the odd couple of spots every now and then, but, ever since I started using these products, I haven’t had a single one!

My verdict?  Get these products!  At 22Eu for the whole kit, including free delivery and a free lipbalm (this is an offer which Anatomicals Malta have going on at the moment – for more information, visit their website by clicking here), this is the perfect gift to yourself this Christmas Season!  I promise, you will not regret it!

If you are interested in more Anatomical Products, visit their website by clicking here, or there facebook page over here.  You can also check out my review for one of their face masks (divine, by the way!) by clicking here!  It’s a chocolate one, so don’t miss it!

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals yet?

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