fighting the oily battle

Fighting the oily battle – Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

have you ever thought that people with oily skin can actually become rich. yeah, just sell that rich oil to any mining company and you bet ya you will be sittin and chillin for the rest of your days. however if you have no time to contact such mining companies, here is a great way to control your oily skin.

here is a list of what you should be doing daily and weekly to make sure your oily skin is getting all of the TLC it needs.

  • cleanse morning and night. – people with oily skin do well with a gel based or “soapy” cleanser. this will help clean out pores and strip away excess oil. look for a cleanser that says specifically for oily skin.         obviously we recommend one of these items for blatant reasons.
  • cleanser


  • use a light moisturizer. many people with oily skin are afraid of moisture. use something light.
  • moisturizer


  • exfoliate once or twice a week. exfoliating your skin helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover, which brings healthy skin to the surface faster. if you’re acne prone, be gentle.


  • use a weekly mask. there are some fantastic masks on the market that help clean out your pores and tighten them. large pore size is a common complaint for those with oily skin, so pick a day each week for your weekly mask. it will quickly become a routine when you see the difference it makes. masks made with clay are great for oily skin.
  • Deep Cleansing | Mattfying



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