Anatomicals Haul review by whatsinmycamera

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Anatomicals Haul review by whatsinmycamera

Hi guys,

I’m so excited…anatomical is finally in Malta!! So for those who do not know what ‘anatomical’ even is…it’s basically a beauty company that sells products that range from face creams, lip care and even something for those of you who won’t say no to a bit of fake tanning!

So I ordered my stuff yesterday and today,yes today (was so impressed with the service) I received a small paper bag with my goodies in it. They even put in a free product in.
I come from a background of design, so naturally one of the first things that I take note of is the design of the package. I have to say their design is exquisite! Simple bold colors and some creative words and voila a product which sells good!

So enough citter chatter and the product review actually starts here :

This is all I’ve got.
Most of the products I didn’t have the chance to try them out yet.
In the next picture you’le see :

1) The ‘eye cream, you scream we all scream for eye cream’ which is a regenerating eye cream (if that wasn’t obvious enough). I just tried it out for you guys(also for my curiosity) and it’s a very soothing and leaves your eye lids feeling very soft. The cream is whitish which turns immediately to transparent when used.

2) The ‘never lose your cherry’ lip balm. Ahhh I love this lip balm! Apart from it saving your lips from the horrible Maltese sun ( ie it has SPF 15) it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft whilst still giving a little bit of colour to them. (reddish/cherry tint color) It is also a tad shiny. This baby is definitely going to be an everyday essential before I go out.

3) The ‘snog me senseless’ breath freshener. This was the freebie that Anatomicals gave me. I used it and it tastes like mint and leaves you with a nice breath 🙂

I also bought 2 masks. I’m usually not the mask type person but I wanted to give them a go!

4) ‘look you’ve got chocolate all over your face’ – anti-stress face mask. I was so excited as this is a chocolate mask and I’m a guilty chocoholic!

5) ‘ farewell the scarlet pimplehell’ – deep cleansing mud mask.

Last 2 products on my list :
6) ‘oi you throbhead’- headache relief balm. I’ve read some reviews about this and I just had to try it! I get headaches quite often, mostly due to stress and to be honest I’m not the type of person who takes a painkiller as soon as I get the headache. I usually wait and if the headache worsens than I give up and usually take a Panadol (1 panadol from the blue category-not red)
7) ‘8 out of sex kittens don’t prefer whiskers’- shave cream. Obviously this isn’t for me 🙂 This is from their men section named ‘manatomicals’. This thing smells really good ! – just like a guy should smell like

If you want to try out these products than I suggest you take a look at their facebook page and website:

That’s all for today 🙂 I hoped you enjoyed the review and please leave a comment down below if you tried/ have any questions about these products!

Take care 🙂

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